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Over the past three decades I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to conduct thousands of marine animal rescues. From whales entangled in fishing nets to stranded dolphins, seals and sea lions along with many different species of sea birds. These encounters have inspired and motivated me to continue my rescue efforts with as much passion as when I started. Now I want to share some of my experiences by showing some of the faces of the marine animals I’ve encountered.

RESCUED IN LA, Unique Marine Wildlife Photography offers compelling and artistic photographs of injured, sick or orphaned marine animals in their natural environment, moments before they are rescued.

These select prints of harbor seals, sea lions, elephant seals, pelicans and cormorants have all been photographed and rescued on the beaches of Los Angeles County. None of the photos selected will shock you or force you to turn your head away. I have purposely left those photo’s for a different venue.

It’s important for me to express that I have never have taken a photograph if there was the slightest chance of missing the chance to rescue an animal. The animal’s welfare always comes first.

Please, if you encounter a marine mammal on the shoreline, give them some space. My three decades of experience allow me to get safe enough to take a photograph, make an evaluation, and conduct a rescue if necessary. But, even with all of that experience, I can never let my guard down, or I’ll be injured.

Thank you,

Peter Wallerstein

Marine Animal Rescue Specialist


10% of the proceeds go directly toward Marine Animal Rescue efforts to save injured, orphaned, or sick marine animals.

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Available 18′ x 12″ Glossy Prints     $25.00

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery